Areon H.

She is the one to call when you're facing the criminal equity framework. You would prefer not to confront something as I did alone. He was not too far off, doing all the hard work, working the framework and getting my case...DISMISSED!!!

Veronica W.

A family member got into some trouble with the law. I needed to find a criminal defense lawyer for him that not only would fight for my family member, but to ease him from the stress that came with the messy situation he was in. Negin Yamini's guidance and support, along with her extensive knowledge of the legal system, resulted in the best possible outcome for my family member. Thank you.

Henrick D.

She is honest and hardworking. I completely recommend his services to anyone who needs to get through difficult legal issues. I recently needed his support and he made the whole process much more manageable and less unnerving. He truly had my back and for that I am forever grateful.





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