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Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm

If you have been accused of violating the law, chances are you are at a crossroads. One path offers freedom, while the other leads to hefty fines, incarceration, and criminal record. The choice is clear. You require legal assistance. Serving those charged in Riverside, CA, the Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm offers robust, dedicated criminal defense to defendants facing crimes like domestic violence, drug crimes, assault & battery, theft, Fraud, DUI, and sex crimes.


While Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm is experienced, there are several reasons why the law firm makes a difference in your case.

First, we believe that robust defense doesn't start in the court, but immediately you are charged with an offense, and that's why we provide free initial consultations. Although many law firms offer free case reviews, they will not tell you that you'll be meeting with an administrator or case manager. Then the lawyer supervises the administrator and doesn't engage in the comprehensive work on the criminal case.

At Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm, we are firm believers that experienced lawyers should handle the case. You'll be matched with a seasoned attorney who will work with and for you, and offer regular case updates.

Our attorneys work with clients throughout the criminal case process. We use our negotiation skills, trial skills, and familiarity with the community to stand between our client and a conviction. We are the market leaders, and we've worked to earn the title. To assist you know your goals, we enquire about the essential things to you. We will inquire about your goals whether it may be:

  • To avoid incarceration
  • A clean record
  • A reduced fine
  • Your case resolved fast

After ranking your goals in order of priority, our competent defense attorney will begin working on the best legal defense options founded on your goals.


For our lawyers, no criminal case is too small or too big. We offer the aggressive representation that our clients deserve in all cases, right from investigation and arrest to expungement.

The combo of aggressive action and strategic thinking is something you will not find anywhere else.

We dig deep into all angles of your criminal case. The unique legal defenses, willingness to defend our clients at trial, and unique approach makes the difference. That way, no evidence or piece of information is left unused.

Our concept-brainstorming, the network of connections, and experience reduce the likelihood of something slipping past us. We are continually analyzing files, holding meetings with our experienced counsels and staff. It is all tailored to build a defense that could help you realize the best possible case outcome and advise you on the way forward.

We aren't scared of trial and will not push or ask clients to close their case unless it's in their best interests. Our trial experience sets us apart from our competitors. Many lawyers aren't trial attorneys, and the notion of a trial intimidates them. Consequently, these lawyers advise clients against trial and pay attention to the fastest method of disposing of the case. Ultimately, the tactics adversely affect the client and the case outcome. At Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm, we strive to get the best possible case resolution for all clients. Our esteemed clients are our priority.

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A criminal charge in Riverside requires the aggressive defense of a lawyer. Irrespective of the charge you are facing, it is essential to have a counsel who will assist you navigate the complicated judicial system and offer you an understanding of your allegations. You should seek legal representation immediately after your arrest or suspect you are under investigation. The more time to develop a defense allows your attorney to seek the best possible outcome for your case and future. 

You should not take criminal charges lightly. Your freedom and future are at stake. You might also face incarceration, fines, and a criminal record. The criminal record might stick with you forever and could affect your ability to secure employment, education opportunities, and housing.

At Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm, our attorneys can help you with many crimes, including:


Negin Yamini

There are several things you should consider when looking for a defense lawyer. Vast knowledge of the law. Experience handling your alleged offense. Attention to details. Willingness to stand with you throughout the complicated and confusing criminal process and good communication skills. Fantastic testimonials from previous clients.

Negin Yamini provides all the above and more. She has received numerous awards throughout her career.

As an experienced trial attorney, she knows what will benefit her clients. She can anticipate possible prosecutorial arguments early and plan legal defense tailored to identify gaps in their case. She could tell you with certainty the strength of the prosecution's case against you by the plea deal the prosecution team is offering and how much you could push to obtain a favorable deal.

Moreover, she is a trial attorney, which has enabled her to build relationships with prosecutors and law enforcement officers. She understands how the criminal justice system works, the possibility of making mistakes, and who to consult with to acquire the details you require.

The relationships also help her broker deals. She could negotiate for your criminal record to be sealed, case dismissal, or have the charge reduced so that you get a lesser jail term or penalties.

Whenever you speak with Negin Yamini, she will offer you the attention you need and break down the criminal process in a manner that is simple to comprehend, ensuring you know your available options and the call of action. The attorney-client conversation gives Negin the chance to put herself in the client's shoes, but she doesn't stop there. She also understands and analyzes the case from the prosecution and law enforcement's perspective. It allows her to strategize from many angles and gives her the advantage of prevailing in the case.

And most importantly, she will use her experience, skills, and knowledge to protect and secure your future and constitutional rights.

A Balance of Compassion and Objectivity

A skilled defense attorney, Negin Yamini, has stood at the helm of a myriad of criminal cases and could opine on possible results should your case proceed to trial. The objective view is essential, especially if you are contemplating accepting the prosecution team's plea...

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Early Intervention is Key

Negin Yamini takes pride in her proactive approach. It gives her time to investigate the case, interview all witnesses, and use the available legal options.

She believes that being proactive in a case could make the... Read more






If you think you might be subjected to police investigation or have been detained, questioned, or arrested, you should immediately contact a seasoned defense lawyer. With high stakes at hand, time is of the essence in developing a legal defense. The legal team at the Riverside Criminal Defense Law Firm knows how precious your freedom and constitutional rights are, and we will act promptly to reduce the effects of your charge.

We will offer you world-class service, and we are available 24/7 to answer all your questions. Thorough investigation and preparation are instrumental in prevailing in your case, and we leave no stone unturned. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today at 951-946-6366